Moped Money is a first-of-its-kind competition build-off show.

Two teams each get one busted moped, $500 cash for parts, and 24 hours to fix them. When time’s up, they’re judged on safety, style, and speed. The winners keep the bike and score some cash. The losers walk home empty-handed.

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Support our crowdfunding campaign.

We made this test pilot with two cell phones, a shoestring budget, and a lot of hard work. By giving to our crowdfunder, you’re helping us get the resources we need to make another episode with better gear and more crew. You’re also helping us to prove our concept to potential networks and services.

Sharing helps a lot.

You can still be help us get this made, even if you aren’t able to contribute financially. Sharing the pilot of Moped Money with your crew is a great (free) way to help us get the exposure we need to push this campaign forward. Those stats are going to be a huge part of our pitches in the future.

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